Our Purpose

Tamba Wildflower Purpose


Our Guiding Purpose and Values were not an afterthought in our business. They are literally the reason we exist. We know we can’t change the world, but together we absolutely can change the world of a few, so we work to improve the social and economic standing of as many families in India as we can by supporting micro industry.

Our Tamba Family includes our team members and clients too. We’re guided to make a tangible and meaningful impact in all lives that we touch with our products, our services, and our practices. Whether that is connection to our spiritual practice, connection to ourselves, or connection to others.


Tamba Wildflower Values- Intention


Our belief is that each individual act of kindness ripples far and wide to impact more lives than we will ever meet, so we throw out as much kindness as we  can in all we do.

To make sure that we bring this to life and keep our purpose top of mind, we recommit to Our Guiding Purpose and Values at the start of every day.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu- May all beings everywhere be happy and free. May our thoughts, our words, and our actions, contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom



Tamba Wildflower Values- Connection


Everything we do is with the intention to connect ourselves, our team and our clients to each other, to their experiences, to their spirituality and devotion, and to personal growth. When we truly feel this connection, no dream is too big and no obstacle is insurmountable, because we are wrapped in the knowing of oneness.

To make sure that we bring this to life and keep our purpose top of mind, we recommit to Our Guiding Purpose and Values at the start of every day.


Tamba Wildflower Values- Wellbeing


We consider the wellbeing of everyone and everything in all we do. We do this is by living the Fair Trade principles, contributing to our Tamba Girls Scholarship, partnering with Indian Not For Profit Groups, supporting the dreams of young Indian people to grow, having the wellbeing of our clients in the forefront of all we do, and creating flexible working opportunities and daily Yoga classes for the Tamba Wildflower Team in Australia.

We continue to evolve our practices so that we have as little impact on the universe as possible by using the principles of organic, natural, recycled, reusable, animal friendly and compostable.


Tamba Wildflower Values- Meaningful


Everything we do has to pass the meaningful test. We want to create products and experiences that align with our customers desires and lifestyles, and a workplace that lifts our team up. If a product, experience or task does not have a meaningful intention, we move onto bigger things.


Tamba Wildflower Values- Joy


We’re not all meditation and serious ethical issues. We don’t think spirituality and intention should be heavy and separate from the everyday lives we live. We have a ton of fun and laughs along on our journey too. We think having fun while being kind and living with purpose brings joy, so everything we do needs to come from that shiny part within us.

Funky Fridays at Tamba HQ see us turn up the tunes, open the wine, and laugh our way into the weekend.