Our Story



This is Tash, when she's not in India travelling with clients, meeting Not For Profits, or spending time with our talented artisans, she’s engulfed in designing custom tour itineraries for our sister company, TW Travel, or new pieces for Tamba Wildflower.

In her past life, Tash loved spending all of her holiday hours from her corporate career travelling through India. Sometimes she joined other peoples tour groups, but most of the time she travelled alone meeting people and making close friends. Every time she came home and spoke about her travels, people asked if she would consider travelling with them because they dreamt of visiting India, but were too nervous to travel alone. And so TW Travel was born. 

Tash is passionate about educating girls. When meeting and connecting with all different people across India, she would always ask how the children were going with their studies. What she learned was that access to good education was a challenge for many families, so she started funding the costs. Then she wondered if she could be doing more, and found the best Not For Profits doing the best of work for all the right reasons. What she learned was that by supporting traditional artisans, she could not only help to keep their methods alive in their existing communities, but pay them a living wage in order for them to support their children's education themselves. 

And Tamba Wildflower was born. Tash expanded her hobby of jewellery design back home on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia, and began sending them overseas for her artisans to bring to life. Not only can we then pay a living a wage and support village infrastructure, but we put 5% of sales aside to support the education of girls in India who's parents aren't able to join the artisan program.

Everything in our Tamba world has evolved because when Tash's passionate about something, she can’t help but share it. Knowing that those same passions can create connections with others whilst at the same time helping to impact small change in the world, is truly what lights her up.

We're beyond joy'd that you're joining us on our journey. 



 We're a small modest team at Tamba HQ, and family is indeed at its heart. Tash's younger sister, Sammy, helps with all things admin, and their youngest sister, Kate, looks after all things operational. We partner with the beautiful Miss James Marketing Agency who help share our store, and use local Mornington Peninsula sisters, Morgan and Sabella, to model our pieces. In India we use young up and coming photographer, Nawaj, to bring our pieces to life on local model Sejal.  


The reason we exist is to send more girls in India to school. We do this by adopting fair trade business practices and supporting traditional artisans in India. By supporting them in their small enterprise and paying living wages they are able to send their children to school.

Our artisans come from all over India and can you see some of their stories in our blog, and on our socials throughout the year. Some are working from a long lineage of artisans, and others have been trained in their new skills, but either way, your support brings to life the dreams they have for themselves and their families.


We partner with Not For Profit Fair Trade Group Kallista (SETU), who not only train and support micro industry in communities, but use their profits to lift communities up. They know that by supporting one person in a community to share their traditional artisanal crafts with the world, they in turn contribute to their communities. SETU are Fair Trade certified and spend time ensuring that their artisans, families and communities have adequate access to ongoing training, education, sanitation, medical care, and whatever unique needs are identified. They're on a mission to improve the social and economic standing of underprivileged, marginalized & other communities in different areas of India. Further to this they strive for improvement of educational, environmental & health related issues for general well-being of the masses. 

We encourage you to follow their socials to see the great work they do.