Rama Unisex Signet Ring- Compassion, Self Control & Truth

Rama Unisex Signet Ring- Compassion, Self Control & Truth

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Rama, reminds us to follow our path without wavering from our values.

People worship Rama not because of the success he had in his life, but for the gracefulness and strength to live a life of balance.

Call on Rama to bring success in pursuits whilst holding true to who you are within.

All of our devotional jewellery is blessed in a traditional Hindu Puja ceremony by a Pandit in India before arriving to us in Australia. During the puja ceremony, prana (life breath) is poured into each piece, infusing it with life as it becomes a living incarnation of the deity. Basically, it awakens the ‘soul’ of each piece, invoking the power to stabilise our mind and grant us wisdom by opening our eyes to the hidden truths within us.

  • Signet: 14 x 14mm
  • Signet Thickness: 2mm
  • Band Height: 5mm

Not sure which ring size to choose? Use our downloadable ring size tool: click here.

This piece can be custom ordered in 14k solid gold. Touch base with us if you’d like to learn more.